Adventure And Freedom

Living in, visiting, touring Mongolia is all about freedom. You are free to design your visit as you desire. Standing at the doorway of your ger, your tent, your lodge early in the morning, scanning the scenery spread out before you, mountain lakes and endless evergreen forests; open steppe dotted with herds of gazelle; great dunes of Gobi sand bisected by a camel caravan, welcome you to a new world of experience. Breathe deeply the fresh air of freedom. What surprising adventure the new day will bring is entirely your choice.

Mongolian adventures and activities are dictated by the landscape. Mountaineers and hikers find high glacier mountains in the west fascinating and enjoy Kazak men’s trained eagles’ festivals. The forests and pristine lakes in the northern and north-eastern parts of the country offer wonderful fishing, birding, rafting and hiking adventures. Endless steppes in the east and the central parts of the country offer wildlife watch, flower and night-sky-watch, Gobi desert in the south of the country fascinates you by its rich paleontological experience, bird watching and sand and wilderness adventures. But everywhere in the country one can find all kinds of nomadic adventures and activities and enjoy the liberating and breathtaking view of big sky and vast landscape.