A major exhibition unveiling over 200 original artworks by the internationally admired Spanish contemporary artists opened in Ulaanbaatar.

/Ulaanbaatar, 29.04.16/ An unprecedented exhibition displaying one of the biggest private collections of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali opens today at The Fine Arts Museum of Zanabazar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The museum is presenting the “Dali and Picasso” exhibition with a collection of over 200 original artworks by the greatest contemporary artists, owned by the world’s fourth biggest collector and exhibition lead Alexander Shadrin from Russia.

Acquired from high profile international auctions and private donations over the last 20 years, the combined collection was last seen publicly in Dalian, China in April 2016 as part of a world tour reaching millions of viewers. Receiving a world class exhibition with astounding magnitude and abundance for the first time, the Mongolian public will be able to explore the true depth of the famous painters’ masterpiece paintings and drawings.


Photo by Chinbat Jigmegsuren

The diverse exhibition will also feature ceramic works including “Goat’s Head”, “Four dancers” and “Picador and a Bull” by Pablo Picasso from the former owners, the Ramié family in Madoura, Spain. On the side, there are lithographs, drawings and sculptures including “Triumphant Elephant”, “Vision of an Angel” “Dance of Time” I-III and “Woman in a flame”, all of which are the reflection of Salvador Dali’s surreal ingenuity.  

The exhibition organizer, Alexander Shadrin highlighted that the exhibition was brought to Mongolia in honour of Gala Dali, the lifelong inspiration of Salvador Dali. According to his belief, Gala, who was an ethnic Russian, came from a family with a far-flung ancestor from Mongolia.

“Seeing the remarkable works by the world famous artists with my own eyes feels incredible. I believe the exhibition is a very generous gift to Ulaanbaatar residents, who are ardent for modern arts” said Bat-Uul Erdene, the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, who supported the exhibition under the city’s campaign “Hospitable Ulaanbaatar”.

Running until 29th May, the exhibition opened to the public with general admission ticket priced at 10,000 MNT (5 USD). After a month long viewing, the collection will be heading back to China.


Photo by Chinbat Jigmegsuren

Photo by Chinbat Jigmegsuren