23. June
Getting ready for a holiday? Check out the basics to make your holiday a little smoother.
19. April
Just another day in Mongolia
8. April
Truly beautiful place, just perfect for photos. You don't have to be professional photographer, all photos will turn out to be stunning and beautiful.
12. March
This time we have something different - ernic yet modern! Come to see our young musicians at Hall 26C/309
10. March
Meet us at Hall 26C/309! We welcome you!
5. February
Blue Pearl International Ice Festival - One of the wonders of winter in Mongolia!
5. December
My Mongolia
4. December
3. December
11. October
22. July
We are happy to announce the winner of our Mongolia Photo Competition: Kathleen Noreisch! Kathleen took this picture while on holiday back in 2007, in the Darkhad Depression: "We had just finished a 5-day hike from Khovsgol over the pass and were setting up camp in the steppe when these two came along and asked if we wanted to try any Mongolian specialities. We ended up buying some dried mutton from them." Congratulations Kathleen!
11. July
Happy Naadam to you all.
18. May
Unglaubliche Aufnahmen der Mongolei im frühen 20. Jahrhundert. Incredible colour photographs of Mongolia in the 20th Century from the impressive Albert Kahn archive.
14. May
Fotowettbewerb! Wir suchen Deinen besten Mongoleischnappschuss. Klick auf unseren Link und schicke uns Dein schönstes Bild! Photo contest! We are looking for your best Mongolia pictures. Have a look at the link below and send us your pics! http://bit.ly/1J2Ufq4
30. April
Yes! Just a reminder that the contest is still open, enter your awesome shots here bit.ly/1J2Ufq4
27. April
Photo contest! We are looking for your best Mongolia pictures. Have a look at the link below and send us your pics! Fotowettbewerb! Wir suchen Deinen besten Mongoleischnappschuss. Klick auf unseren Link und schicke uns Dein schönstes Bild!
23. April
Did you know that the Nadaam Festival is celebrated each year to commemorate the anniversary of the National Liberation Festival? This year the festival will take place this year July 11-13. Find out more in our Mongolia guide below! Schon gewusst, dass das Nadaam Festival jedes Jahr in Gedenken an die Gründung der Mongolei und der nationalen Unabhängigkeit gefeiert wird? Dieses Jahr wird das Festival am 11.-13. Juli stattfinden. Mehr Infos dazu in unserem Mongolei Guide.
9. April
Check out the plans for the new sustainable city in #Mongolia: 'Maidar City'!
31. March
Did you know that the capital of #Mongolia used to move at least 3x per year because of its nomadic traditions? Find out more about Mongolia in the second part of our #infographic!
27. March
A pre-weekend Instagram post. Have a good one!
26. March
Did you know that #Mongolia is just as big as the UK, France, Germany, and Italy combined? Find out more about the country of Nomads in our #infographic!
23. March
We highly encourage you to have a look at Hamid Sardar-Afkhami's beautiful and moving pictures of the reindeer people in #Mongolia. Sardar-Afkhami also shot a film on this topic called 'The Reindeer People' (via My Modern Metropolis)
19. March
BBC Radio Three's Lucy Duran went over to #Mongolia for the programme's goal of finding unique music worldwide. Have a listen, you can skip to Mongolia thanks to the BBC's nifty iPlayer (around 20 mins). Truly magical! ✨ "Lucy marvels at the loneliness of the Gobi grasslands and listens to the songs and games associated with mare's milk. In Ulaanbaatar, she meets the group Khusugtun who perform traditional throat songs in exhilarating contemporary arrangements."
18. March
Die BILD.de über die #Mongolei: "Das Land so weit, das Herz der Menschen so groß – wer durch die Mongolei fährt, wird auf liebenswerte Gastfreundschaft treffen. Auf Wüste und Wiesen, auf denen Edelweiß wächst, auf Steppen und schroffe Berge, Klöster und Kamele."
16. March
We personally recommend nr. 4, Mongolians are one of the most hospitable and open people in the world. Happy travelling! ✌ ✈
24. June
Bisschen spät: Briten googeln, was der Brexit für sie bedeutet on @t3n https://t.co/iHV2Ipks61 https://t.co/YdTande4ZU
22. June
RT @bax52: Home Sweet Home - A Kazakh nomad in his Ger in the Altai Mountains, Mongolia. @LPTraveller #travel #photography http://t.co/wBhx…
22. June
RT @bax52: An edited version of my Eagle Hunter episode for the Discovery network now online http://t.co/goOcAmEfxX http://t.co/X1mAZBZz7i
18. May
Beautiful pictures of #Mongolia in the early 20th century http://t.co/HOCviq2dC5 #vintage #travel http://t.co/eo1zJ6ZLB5
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18. May
RT @SBumbarMalchow: #Travel #Mongolia #photocontest ! @TravelMGL is looking for your best #Mongolia #pictures. http://t.co/PdXkgY9gfm
27. April
Photo #ContestAlert! We are looking for your best #Mongolia pictures. More info here: http://t.co/W2C3EYVfz5 http://t.co/ihXGt89jKz
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24. April
Correction: the Nadaam festival is of course from July 11-13. Thanks for the heads up @CoverMongolia! #mongolia #FestivalSeason #summer
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24. April
@CoverMongolia you're right! Typo :)
22. April
The Nadaam Festival will take place on from July 13-15. Find out more here: http://t.co/5bqo0ysjV5 #Mongolia #summer http://t.co/pPscMDsAXE